"I've Often Dreamed Of A Far Off Place"

When I started my journey, I had no illusion to the grandness 

of my aim. I didn't expect it to be easy, but I did expect to find capable people to help bear the weight. 

Though I've never been without support for my ideas. Finding anyone willing to take action of any type, can feel impossible. Without a thick wallet, that is. So I set out to obtain more wealth. I don't seek financial riches to surround myself with luxury. My fantasy isn't so simple & average. 

I Daydream of a world, that can easily be reality, of a United Humanity. 

A Civilization Superior To All That Came Before. 

     "Unity Comes From Living, Not Surviving.

         Living Comes From A Life Truly Free.

            Freedom To Evolve Into Our True Self.

              Encouragement & Guidance For Others.

                Individuals Who Are Their Best Self, 

                  Are The Ingredients Of A Supreme Society."

By Now, We All Know The Apocalyptic Edge We Dance On.

 Don't Be Afraid. 

The Problems of our people, can be easily fixed. Yet, the Path that is easy, fast, and relatively cheap, holds something I didn't expect to be hindering, but is a major road block for the Great Rise of Humanity. The only methods that are fast, cheap, and effective, are New Methods using proven science/technologies. These forms of Sci/Tech are highly advanced and to futuristic for people to willingly try.

So how to Go the Distance?

We Must Show Them A Glimpse Of The New World.

We Must Obtain Enough Funding To Build 

The First City Of The Dawn.

Where The Light Of God & Science Shine In The Temple Of Art & Sex.

This Great New Temple Will Spark The Minds Of Humanity.

Going The Distance