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March 7, 2017

Sex is something most of us first experience as teenagers. At that age, whether it be from parents or friends, we had to conceal our passionate encounters. Though, as it is with all things, eventually we get caught. We all have our stories. Were you in the bed of your girlfriend or boyfriend? Maybe, it was in a parents bedroom or on the couch in front of the tv. I'm a straight guy, so I generally faced the "Great Barrier of the Father". The Father of the girlfriend is always on a mission to prevent or catch any sexual activity between his daughter and anyone else. I remember my ex-Girlfriend Elizabeth's dad, and the bar...

June 12, 2016

Jade came to Seattle for the Sole Purpose of Shooting for the Divine Ages. I Knew, from Speaking with Her Before Her Arrival In the Emerald City, that She Had a Kind Heart and an Easy Going Nature, Coupled with Extreme Beauty. But Actually Being In Her Presence Quickly Makes One Realize the Beauty of the World. Her Soft Spoken Voice May Speak of Past Pains, Pleasures, Memories, Dreams, or Hopes and Fears, and When She Speaks, Only the Fools, the Jealous, or the Hateful Do Not Stand at Attention Patiently Waiting for the Next Word to Calmly Formulate on Her Tongue. If One Looks Into Her Hidden Eyes, One Can See All the S...

June 5, 2016

I Bare Myself to You. My Agenda is Clear, My Heart and Mind are Open, and All that I Stand For and Believe In, I Present to You.

May 26, 2016

Roxy Nicole came to Seattle specifically to Shoot for the Divine Ages. I cannot express my Gratitude to Her & Her Agency, Hussie Models, enough. Roxy's Beauty and Energy is powerful enough to Light the Darkest of Rooms. In Dark Times, such as these, we need Human-Beings that allow the Light to Shine from within them. Her Natural Beauty is apparent in each Photograph. Her Sexuality burns through the Lenses of the Cameras as Her Blue Eyes pierce into you and Her Skin Radiates & Glows. Her Humanity Shines as She Speaks of Her Desires for the People of the World. After our Shoot Together, Her and I Laid back and Spoke of Si...

May 12, 2016

This is Mylea, she did a shoot for Th Divine Ages all about the, as the name suggest, Art of the Massage. I had never had a massage before this, and I will say that she has magic hands. I felt completely Intoxicated. The next day I did something that I never do, I slept in. Generally I sleep for at most 4 hours in a night, not after her hands graced my body. At one point she was working on my right lower leg, and I remember saying out loud "I didn't know my leg could release that kind of Pleasure". I felt the High of that event well into the next day. If I had been one who did not believe in the natural purity of this d...

May 7, 2016

 In order to Reach the Ears and Eyes of the Modern Generations, Political Propaganda must evolve into a New Form. We are creating that form. With the Combining of Sexuality, Spirituality, Social Media, Science and Technology, and a Message of Peace, Hope, Reality, Unity, Strength, Passion, and Understanding, We will put Forth into the Ether a Blueprint for a New Political and Social Structure. This Structure is Designed to Eliminate Class Distinctions, Racial and Sexual Barriers, Prohibition, and the Ruling Class' Ultimate Control over the Population.

This Structure will create True Equality. By giving each Individual th...

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