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Birth of a New Age

March 27, 2016


Atlas Arts & Entertainment is proudly presented as the First Division of the Michael Atlas Industries Corp. Family.

Though incorporated as a separate legal entity, Atlas Arts & Entertainment is fully under the direct control and influence of the Atlas Umbrella. Atlas Arts & Entertainment is to be the Foundation to building Our Dream of a Better World. We are dedicating all of our Energy and Resources to this Division. Simply put, We Are Betting All We Have and All We Are. Though some will disagree with the route we have chosen, We Believe What We Are Doing Is Right. Atlas Arts & Entertainment will Fund, Produce, and Release a wide Variety of Artistic Elements. Our Initial Product Release will be done through an Online Medium and a Trio of Websites that we refer to as “Trinity”. The First Site to Emerge is called www.TheDivineAges.com.  www.TheDivineAges.com is a Host Site for release of Products Produced or Acquired by Atlas Arts & Entertainment, LLC. The site will contain content in the form of Videography, Photography, ASMR Therapy & Entertainment, Music, Writing, and Science & Technology Journalism created by both The Atlas Corp. and Independent Artist, Writers, & Performers. Details of such will be released after Official Launch. This is how we Create a New World, Join Us and Help Build It.