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A New Form of Political Propaganda

May 7, 2016

 In order to Reach the Ears and Eyes of the Modern Generations, Political Propaganda must evolve into a New Form. We are creating that form. With the Combining of Sexuality, Spirituality, Social Media, Science and Technology, and a Message of Peace, Hope, Reality, Unity, Strength, Passion, and Understanding, We will put Forth into the Ether a Blueprint for a New Political and Social Structure. This Structure is Designed to Eliminate Class Distinctions, Racial and Sexual Barriers, Prohibition, and the Ruling Class' Ultimate Control over the Population.

This Structure will create True Equality. By giving each Individual the Tools and Encouragement to  Evolve, they will, not only, be able to Cultivate and Advance their own Desires, Skills, and Talents, but they will will also be Contributing to the Evolution and Superiority of the Human Race.

We are a Superior Species. We have Landed Our Kind on the Moon and have sent our Robotic Servants to Foreign Planets. We could be the most Advanced Species in the Galaxy, if we so choose. But that Advancement comes at a Cost. We must put down Our Anger, Hatred, and Prejudice, as if they were Weapons of a War We No Longer Wish to Fight, and Cannot Afford to Continue. In essence We will become Conscientious Objectors to Humanities Old Archaic Ways. Each of these Elements We Will Put Forward with All the Fire of Our Being, in an Attempt at One Last Cry of Hope. As of Now there is a Darkness Spreading over the World, Fueled by Hatred and Oppressive Ideology. It is a Disease attempting to Consume Us, but Each One of You has a Fire in Your Heart, a Fire that Burns for Hope, Strength, and Kindness. Together We Will Shine Like a Supernova. Together We Are The Cure.