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Mylea and the Art of the Massage Shoot

May 12, 2016

This is Mylea, she did a shoot for Th Divine Ages all about the, as the name suggest, Art of the Massage. I had never had a massage before this, and I will say that she has magic hands. I felt completely Intoxicated. The next day I did something that I never do, I slept in. Generally I sleep for at most 4 hours in a night, not after her hands graced my body. At one point she was working on my right lower leg, and I remember saying out loud "I didn't know my leg could release that kind of Pleasure". I felt the High of that event well into the next day. If I had been one who did not believe in the natural purity of this drug before hand, I am now a Convert. Look out for footage when The Divine Ages launches.