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The Building of a Human Empire.


We see a New World that can be built. Built by Our Hands, by Our Will, by Our Hearts, and by Our Minds. This world can and will be constructed with or without us, but the context of what is constructed will differ radically. Either the seeds of Hatred and Oppression will build this kingdom, or it will grow from Love, Pleasure, Peace, and Unity. We represent the latter.


How Will This Be Accomplished?


 We will incite the growth of the Organization, both in terms of Capital and its Sectors & Divisions, through a foundation built on MetArt and Adult Entertainment. The reason for this is due to the heights we must rise and the short period of time we must do it in. The MetArt and Adult Entertainment Market is the Largest Legal Market in the world. It requires little Capital investment and produces High and Rapid Profits. And Unlike Other Industries, with such Opportunity and Power, this Market Remains Open, for the Time Being, to those of Us in the Lower Classes.

As Peter was to Christ, Adult Entertainment will be Our Rock, In Which We Shall Build Our Church upon.

By Lighting the Fire of our Organization with Atlas Arts & Entertainment we will grow our Social Network and our Financial Security to a level of height in a few months that would otherwise take years or decades. This will allow our Science and Technology Divisions to begin Research & Development for our 2nd Stage of Operation. This will include but not be limited to

  •  Low To High Level Security Drones

  •  Sustainable Free & Clean Wireless Transmission of Energy Using a Re-Birthed Tesla's wardenclyffe Tower Project

  •  Anti-Gravitational and Super-Con Magnetic Engines, Vehicles, and Structures.

These Things We Can and Will Do. All You Must Do Is, Either, Wait for Us to Do It Ourselves or Join Us, and Help Accomplish It.


Alongside the Atlas Science & Technology Division in our 2nd Stage of Operation will be an Atlas Welfare & Charity Program. This will include the standard Soup Kitchens, Emergency Shelters & Supplies, Food Pantries, etc.


What will set the Atlas Program apart from other Charities?

Our Youth & Adult Education to Internal Atlas Career Placement Program.

Unlike other Programs it is not designed to create a Labor Force. Instead, it is designed to allow the individual to flourish under their own talents and learn the skills they most desire. From this point the individual will be placed on an immediate Career Path under the Michael Atlas Industries Corp. Umbrella.

                No Individual will be turned away from Atlas due to Race, Religion, Criminal Background, Sexual Orientation, Past or Present Narcotic Use, Gender, Political View or Affiliation, Social Status or Class, etc.

This does not mean any and all behavior will be tolerated. We are to represent ourselves with Dignity, Self-Control & Discipline, Respect, Strength, Unity, Understanding & Compassion, Rationality, and Passion.

What we do not represent nor will we tolerate is Bigotry, Prejudice, Oppression, Unjustifiable Aggression, Condemnation, Abuse, and Hatred. These are the seeds of darkness and are a sure path to destruction of one’s self and others.

Within the Atlas Corp. the Hierarchy is designed to reward those whom display the best ability to Lead, the Passion to do so, and the Personal Characteristics that represents the best of Humanity.

We are building an Empire, a Human Empire.