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For the Order of Humankind - Part 1 - Justice System of the New Order

July 2, 2016



One Day We will Reach the Point of Maturity in Our Civilization in which Laws will be passed for the Order of Humankind. Where our species will not Tolerate Our Own Kind Needlessly Killing or Torturing Another, whether it be War, Murder, Rape, etc. Until the Point of which Earth is Governed Under this Law, We Must First Enact It Here in the New America. This Transition and Ultimate Separation from Our Present State of Society can be Quick, Simple, Cheap, and, Best of All, Without Mass Loss of Life or Unethical Military Tactics. After the Law can be Altered by the New Order, We will Enact the Following,


The Vice Laws

The Regulation, Production, Transportation, and Legal Distribution / Sale of Narcotics, Prostitution, and Other Adult Pleasures and Entertainment. This Will Give Us The Power & Finances To Build The New World!


The Laws of Virtue

Framework of Law & Order based on a Moral Compass, Equality, Choice, and Responsibility.


Social Reformation

The Approval for Spending State Funds in the Reorganization of Our Society.


National Science Laws

The Immediate and Future Spending of State and Public Funds for the Rapid Advancement of Our Science and Technologies. Also, to Create Law that Insures Our Collective Knowledge is Never Suppressed or Classified.


Force of a Nation

The Reorganization and Redirection of Our Military, In Terms of It’s Goals, It’s Purpose, It’s Accessibility by the Public, and where the Control of It Lies.


Public Education Reform

The Restructuring of Low Level to Advanced Education. A People are only as Strong as the Knowledge they Possess, this is to Create an Advanced and Open Minded State Funded Curriculum, that is Open to All, Based on Equality, Choice, Understanding, Unity, Art, Science, Labor, and Discipline.


Structures of Tomorrow

The Immediate Construction of a New Capital City. This City will be the Marvel of the World, and will be the Foundation for the Architectural Design for Future State and Public Offices.


The New World Doctrine

The Written Ideology of the New Order.


Declassification Laws

The Immediate Declassification of the Majority of State & Black Operations & Spending, Specifically in Regards to Paranormal Phenomena. This is Largely for Research & Development and the Rapid Advancement of Our Science & Technologies, but quite simply, it is Time for the People to Know.


For the Order of Humankind

The subject of Inner-Species Violence/Crime and the Law & Jurisdiction Process to Manage it.




-For the Order of Humankind-

We will Re-Establish what Actions can and will be Disciplined or Cause for Rehabilitation based on Morality, Choice, and Responsibility. The Law Cannot Be Black and White if it is to Maintain Order.

The Following is a General Example of the Jurisdiction Process in the New World.



The Action is what an individual or group has done that is cause for arrest and trial. An individual or group can commit one or many Actions at one time.

The following are a few examples of an Action(s)






After an Action has been committed and arrest have been made the next step is the Stages of Trial

Each Stage of Trial will be guided by the Questions of Honor.


The Stages of Trial



Was This Act Justified And Are We Justified To Discipline This Act?

If so...



What kind of Crime(s) have been Committed?





















After Amount and Type of Crime is Determined,

Move to the final Stage of Trial.


Reaction (Punishment or Discipline)

“For every action has a reaction” Isaac Newton


If the Act is determined to be a Crime and Morally Wrong, how and should the People / State React?


I titled this section “Reaction” because our society must move from the illusion that the best way to deal with crime is through violence, punishment, and imprisonment. This is truly an illusion because it is not a solution but instead a way to further insure that the problem will never be fixed. As well as it will lead to increased violence, hostilities, and citizens without a future.

Our Ideology and Law will cater to the act of Repelling Violence and Disorder and we must Treat Criminals as We would Ourselves and Neighbors. For though they are lost they are still our Brothers & Sisters, Mothers & Fathers, and Sons & Daughters. Crime will be Managed as an Illness that will be Treated, and only in the most Extreme Situations, Cut Out like a Cancer. Through the Act of Reformation and Treatment we can Stamp Out what is Truly Responsible for the Evils in Our Society.


 “Reaction” or “Discipline” will be determined by the Probability in Reforming the Criminal and the Extent & Severity of the Crime. Also, the Skills and Talents of the Individual will play a part Determining the Judgment.


Classes of Reaction (Discipline).


Fee / Fine and/or Vice Restriction

Community Service

National Labors

Guild Assignment

Reformation Facility

National Arena

Eye for an Eye


Also, depending on crimes extent and type, options for Volunteering will be given to Low Level Criminals to reduce time serving or improve Treatment.


Volunteer Options

Service to the Sciences

Community Services

National Arena

National Labors

Service to the Guilds

Servant of the People


Federal Reward

There will be cases through the right to appeal in which the State is deemed wrong for passed/passing Judgment. With said cases the New Order will provide restitution to the individual as well as release from Federal Reaction (if applied). Federal Reward may also be applied to an individual whom is found innocent but has suffered loss of income, employment, housing, etc. during the process of incarceration and trial.


In other cases of Federal Reward an individual can be found innocent, though loss of income, employment, housing, and so on, through incarceration or any act by the Justice System; may be cause for retrogression in the individual’s life. As such the New Order will provide restitution for any damages as well as publicly announcing innocence and apologizing to the people for wronging them.


Each “Class of Reaction” is accompanied by sub-classes, which for the purpose of keeping this a general summery are not listed. These sub-classes can be found in the official document “For the Order of Humankind” section 2:5


Judges and Juries in the New Order

The structure of trial in the New Order will be designed to prevent corruption and to speed the process of Bureaucracy, so that our Restructured Justice System cannot be clogged by cases. This does not mean that trials will be done without reason.

We will utilize Logic, Technology, and Morality to ensure that each Individual receives a Just and Accurate Judgment (Federal Reaction, Federal Reward, and Federal Release).


Each Trial will Consist of Three Judges and Two Sets of Juries.


Judge 1 - Federal

Judge 2 - District

Judge 3 - Civilian Appointed

Jury 1 - Federal and District

Jury 2 - Civilian/Peers


The passing of judgment in the New Order will no longer be a farce in which two sides compete in their ability to manipulate the law. This does not mean the removal of lawyers but instead the redirection of their goal.

The Trials of the Future Will Be Based on Facts and the Simple Truth of Whether or Not the Person is Guilty of Committing the Act.

Lawyers Must than Become Finders of the Truth, Not Artists of Deception.


Each Trial Must Consist of 4 Lawyers



1 Lawyer Will Defend the Person on Trial.

3 Lawyers will have the Sole Purpose of Discovery.


If Any Lawyer is founded to Present Bias or Manipulation of Facts, they must Immediately Be Detained and Held until They Themselves Can Tried for Their Disrespect of the Law and Truth.

It is important that we not loosen our grip on this, for Law can only give Order if we prevent Corruption within it.


How Technology and Science Can Show Us The Truth.


Our Technology and Sciences have, either, Advanced to or are Nearing the Point of, what can only be compared to the Technology and Science of the Ancient Gods.

In terms of Law and Truth, we can apply our Knowledge to Learn the Exact Truth and Occurrence of Any Past Situation. All that would be required is the Person whom Experienced the Situation.

We would, quite simply, look into their Mind and Memory. This will allow us to Rapidly Discover the Truth of the Majority of Crimes. This Technology and Practice can only help to further us as a civilization. As long as the Law is Not Built up of Unjust and Immoral Rules.

Murder, Rape, Torture, Abuse of Power. These are the things we must concentrate on when using such Technology.

Imagine if instead of a lengthy Trial and ultimate mistrust in the Ruling of O.J. Simpson, we could simply look into his Memories and Replay them for all to see. We would know in a matter of minutes the Truth. Not a Version of the Truth, but what He Saw, Smelled, and Heard during the Time in Question.

Trials would than largely be made up of How to React to the Crime, this would Radically Reduce Congestion of the Courts and Wrongful Imprisonment.


End Of Part 1.