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Do Not Howl With The Wolves!

November 19, 2016

I posted this several months ago, but think it is more relevant now, as well as the coming times. So I'm re-posting it.



There are No Politicians whom speak the Truth, and do so for a want to make Humanity, as a Species, Thrive. Even the best of them are burning in the Fire of a single groups Rhetoric. There is no foreseeable way to fix our broken system without altering it into an Unrepentant Violent Machine. The People are divided over their acceptance of a forthcoming Dark Age. Americans, of which I am, can be divided into categories.

-Those in Denial

-Those who are Ignorant

-Those whom are aware and practice Deception, Misinformation, and Suppression.

-Those whom are logically & Rationally Impaired.

-Those who see the coming darkness and call out a warning.

-Those Trying to bring forth the Darkness.

-Those aware and are Inactive

-Those aware and are Active.

Each of these groups can be categorized under, at least, one of the following.







-Anger and Hate





The older generations, such as, Generation X and the Baby Boomers, largely fill the categorize of Denial, Deception, Greed, and Suppression. Those of us born in the last 30 years fill the Stupidity, Fear, and Ignorance Categorize. And we all fill Anger and Hate, Inaction, and/or Action. Hope is rare for anyone.

The biggest issue is opening the eyes of the People and showing them that the U.S, as well as the World, is entering into the Turbulent Times of a Metamorphosis. In the United States, our People have never known a True Tyrant. Our history doesn't have infamous names, such as, "Vlad the Impaler", "Bloody Nicolis", "Henry the VIII", or "Phalaris the Tyrant" plaguing our history books. The result of this is a weakening of the Peoples senses. Understand that tyrants rise in times of collapse in any society, let alone free societies. All the elements are in place for such a Tragedy to occur. Groups and Individuals, such as, Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, ISIL, and the Tee Party are proof of this sentiment, and clearly shows those whom seek to rule with an Iron Fist. This also shows the States inability to stop such False Prophets and the Oppressive Ideology they represent. If We the People do not take back Control of the World, we will condemn ourselves to Slavery and Genocide. THIS IS REAL PEOPLE!!! THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!!

What we have long Feared has finally come, You have 3 Choices.

1) Do Nothing. This will not rid you of Responsibility for what the future brings. If you do not act, you are not Innocent. You will have to come to terms with what you allowed to occur. Fear and Apathy are no excuse for letting Humanity and the World Slip away into Darkness.

2)Howl with the Wolves- If you are full of Hatred, Anger, Stupidity, and that Bile that floods out of all that is wrong in the world, than be Weak and join your Hateful family in destroying the last chance of Humanity.


3) Gather what Strength and Courage you have, and Prepare to build a New World. Because, Like it or Not, The Old World is Dead and a New One is Being Born.

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