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May 12, 2016

This is Mylea, she did a shoot for Th Divine Ages all about the, as the name suggest, Art of the Massage. I had never had a massage before this, and I will say that she has magic hands. I felt completely Intoxicated. The next day I did something that I never do, I slept in. Generally I sleep for at most 4 hours in a night, not after her hands graced my body. At one point she was working on my right lower leg, and I remember saying out loud "I didn't know my leg could release that kind of Pleasure". I felt the High of that event well into the next day. If I had been one who did not believe in the natural purity of this d...

May 7, 2016

 In order to Reach the Ears and Eyes of the Modern Generations, Political Propaganda must evolve into a New Form. We are creating that form. With the Combining of Sexuality, Spirituality, Social Media, Science and Technology, and a Message of Peace, Hope, Reality, Unity, Strength, Passion, and Understanding, We will put Forth into the Ether a Blueprint for a New Political and Social Structure. This Structure is Designed to Eliminate Class Distinctions, Racial and Sexual Barriers, Prohibition, and the Ruling Class' Ultimate Control over the Population.

This Structure will create True Equality. By giving each Individual th...

April 27, 2016

 When this Woman first arrived at Atlas Site-A , I could Immediately feel the Light Within Her. She has an Overwhelming Power to make one Feel, both, at ease and nervous, at the same time (in the best ways possible). This is a Divine Gift. A Gift that, if One is Lucky Enough to Encounter, must Pay Tribute to. I Simply wanted to Please Her, For that is the Place of a Man, when in the Presence of a Goddess. Her Many Divine Attributes has Earned Her the First Official Place of "Goddess" in the Atlas Pantheon. See more of Kimber Horst and Hear Her Story, when The Divine Ages Officially Launches.



April 20, 2016

Atlas Arts & Entertainment will be attending the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Come Join Us at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.
Our CEO Michael Atlas and CFO Judy Cooke will be preaching the Word on how MetArt, Adult Entertainment, and ASMR Therapy & Entertainment are going to Change the World.


April 16, 2016









Our Renton and Seattle studios are now set up. Each with thier own Showering Rooms, Washing & Drying Machines, Screening Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Lighting, and Set Pieces. We are using High-End Canon Cameras, Zoom Audio Recorders and Mics, the Powerful Ableton Live Music Studio, Cyberlinks Editing Software, and State of the Art MSI Mobile Computing. With these Tools now in our Hands we are beginning the 3rd Stage in "Phase 1" of the Atlas Project. To the majority of individuals outside of the Atlas Corp. This, at current, means little. On the other hand, Investors, Supporters, and Volunteers to our Great and Unpre...

March 27, 2016

Atlas Arts & Entertainment is proudly presented as the First Division of the Michael Atlas Industries Corp. Family.

Though incorporated as a separate legal entity, Atlas Arts & Entertainment is fully under the direct control and influence of the Atlas Umbrella. Atlas Arts & Entertainment is to be the Foundation to building Our Dream of a Better World. We are dedicating all of our Energy and Resources to this Division. Simply put, We Are Betting All We Have and All We Are. Though some will disagree with the route we have chosen, We Believe What We Are Doing Is Right. Atlas Arts & Entertainment will Fund, Produce, and...

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