Women Of The Divine Ages

The Women Of The Divine Ages, Are The Women Of My New Life. I Feel Something, In Some Form, For Each One Of Them, And Will Remember Them For The Rest of My Days. I Have Connected With These Women And Have Deemed Them Goddesses Of The New World. The Videos And Photographs Are Not Staged Or Scripted. I Did Not Tell Them What To Say, What To Wear, Or What To Do. The Photographs & Footage Are Simply Documentation Of Our Time & Experiences Together. I Have Attempted To Capture A Glimpse Of Who These Women Are, And Show That Glimpse To The World. I Want The World To See What I See, I Want The World To See Their Beauty, Their Hearts, Their Minds, Their Hopes, Their Fears, and Their Pleasures. I’ve Made No Attempt To Be Anything, Other Than Myself, For These Queens Of Earth. I’ve Looked Into Their Souls And Found All The Elements Of Greatness. Within Them Is Light, Strength, Passion, Courage, And Will. Each Of Them Have These Things Inside Themselves, Though They Are Not All Aware Of It. I Hope Each Of Them Can See The Power They Hold In Their Hands And The Ability They Have Within. They Are Magnetically Charged Beings That Naturally Attract Me. My Memories Of These Women Will Never Dissolve. They Have Hypnotized Me With Their Eyes, Soothed Me With Their Voices, Captured Me With Their Scent, Aroused Me With Their Touch, And Intoxicated Me With Their Sexuality. I Have Fallen Head Over Heels For These Goddesses, And So Will You.

Jade Jantzen

Nicole Bexley

Kylie Quinn

Demi Lowe

Brittany Shae

Adrian Maya

Roxy Nicole